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Internet, indispensable canal majeur de campagne

On l’avait déjà noté en 2008, Obama avait gagné en 2008 notamment parce qu’il avait réussi à mobiliser les jeunes grâce aux outils de communication liés à l’Internet : messagerie électronique, réseaux sociaux… Et en quatre ans, les TIC se sont largement diffusées : Facebook a dépassé le seuil du milliard d’ « amis », plus de deux milliards de personnes dans le monde ont accès à l’Internet, L’internet mobile grâce à la diffusion des smartphones est devenu une « commodité ».

Un article sur le débat entre candidats à la vice-présidence intitulé Vice Presidential Debate Is a Thriller de la chaîne PBS mentionne le nombre de tweets à la seconde en réaction aux propos des postulants. Là, l’unité de mesure est de plusieurs milliers à la minute :

« Biden’s remark to Ryan, « Now you’re Jack Kennedy, » was the most tweeted phrase of the night, with 58,275 tweets per minute. The runner-up was Ryan saying, « They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar turning Medicare into a piggy bank for Obamacare, » with more than 55,000 tweets per minute. Surprisingly, « malarkey » didn’t make the top 10. »

Bref, en 2012, Internet est devenu omniprésent, sans pour autant remplacer la télévision. De fait l’activité des deux candidats sur le canal de la messagerie électronique est très considérable. Il serait intéressant de connaître le nombre de mails envoyés chaque par les deux candidats, là l’unité de mesure serait sans doute la centaine de millions.

On trouvera ci-dessous les messages des deux côtés reçus en 24 heures et dont un des objectifs est de récupérer des dons :




Guy —
According to our records associated with this email address — hopefully it’s yours if you’re reading this! — here’s your online giving history for this organization:    — Your supporter ID number is: 1016109558
Your most recent online donation was: $0
Total amount donated online in 2012: $0
It looks like you haven’t made an online donation to the campaign yet. If you were waiting for the last minute, you’re pretty much there.
Tonight at midnight is one of the most important deadlines we’ve faced — it’s one we set ourselves. We’re figuring out tomorrow morning what resources we have for the final push and what we can do with them. We’re making some of the final decisions of this campaign.
The President is counting on people like you to step up now, in these last weeks, and this is one of your last opportunities to do it. Don’t let him down.
Can you donate $5 or more before tonight’s deadline? That’s just 20 cents for each day we have left on this campaign.
Every major poll is tightening. That means this election is going to come down to what we do on the ground.
Saying « yes » to more organizers in Ohio, or more offices in Florida, directly factors into the outcome on November 6th — and none of these things are possible without people like you coming through in the clutch and chipping in what you can. This matters — thanks in advance for whatever you can give.
Please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight:

Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America


Guy —
How about Joe last night?
If you’re as proud of him as I am, let’s do what needs to be done in the final push — and let’s win.
This election could come down to what happens tomorrow morning.
My team on the campaign is about to make some of the toughest budget decisions we’ve had to make. This is one of the last chances we get to expand our ground game for the final stretch, and what we have in the bank at midnight tonight will decide how big we can go. And we need to go big — so I’m hoping you’ll take the next step in your support right now.
Can you donate $5 or more today, and drive this campaign forward?
I know we’ve asked a lot of you over the last 18 months.
I hear you.
But too much is on the line, and now is the worst possible time to decide to hold back.
Today, I’m asking you to get on board and say you’re ready to fight alongside me and Joe.
Donate $5 or more right now:
Thank you,


Guy —
In these last 25 days, it’s good to know we’ve got each other’s backs.
What are you waiting for?
Obama for America
P.S. — Here’s Joe Biden’s note from immediately after the debate if you missed it:

—————–Original Message—————–
From: Joe Biden
Subject: Hey
I did my best to make you proud tonight.
But I hope you remember one thing: This debate wasn’t about me, or Congressman Ryan.
It was about you, and what we’re fighting for together.
So if you’re standing with Barack and me, like we’re standing with you, please chip in $5 or more to show it:


Dear Guy,
Did you watch this week’s Vice Presidential debate? We did, and here are three important posts from ThinkProgress you don’t want to miss:
1. At The Vice Presidential Debate: Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes
2. Five Questions Martha Raddatz Could Have Asked About Abortion In Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate
3. Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’
Igor Volsky
Deputy Editor, ThinkProgress
Follow ThinkProgress on Facebook and Twitter
THINKPROGRESS | Center for American Progress Action Fund


I did my best to make you proud tonight.
But I hope you remember one thing: This debate wasn’t about me, or Congressman Ryan.
It was about you, and what we’re fighting for together.
So if you’re standing with Barack and me, like we’re standing with you, please chip in $5 or more to show it:



Let’s get Joe’s back, and say thanks:
Paid for by Obama for America



Dear Guy,
Watching the big Vice Presidential debate tonight? Make sure to fire up on your laptop, tablet, or phone. We’ll be doing LIVE fact-checking throughout the debate.
You can also keep up with all the action on Twitter by following @thinkprogress
— Igor
THINKPROGRESS | Center for American Progress Action Fund



Guy —
I told Barack I have one mission tonight: tell the truth and stand up for what we believe in.
Our side is always going to win when we do that.
But, Guy, take a look at what we’re up against this week:     — It’s one of the last four weeks we have remaining.
— This week alone, the other side is spending nearly $37 million on Mitt Romney’s behalf in eight battleground states.
— The resources we have in the bank at midnight tomorrow will determine how big we can go for our final push.

It’s urgent that everyone gets on board — and fast. That means you, and that means now. Please don’t wait any longer.

Donate $5 or more right now, before I head up on that debate stage.

I can’t predict if Paul Ryan will follow Mitt Romney’s lead tonight, hiding and flat-out denying their unpopular ideas, or if he’ll come prepared to have a real debate about where this country should go.
Trust me, I’m ready for anything, but I can’t do this alone. Nearly 4 million grassroots donors have stood up and said they’ll be a part of what we’re building together — I’m hoping you’ll take this opportunity to join them.
Your donation will put us in the strongest position possible tomorrow, ahead of a major budget-decisions deadline.

Please donate $5 or more today:
Thanks for your support tonight.




I can’t express to you how proud I was of my dad during the first 2012 presidential debate. He’s fired up — and ready to lead the Republican team to victory.
I’m also fired up about this contest — one lucky supporter will win a chance to watch the October 16th debate with Team Romney-Ryan. It will be a town hall forum focused on foreign and domestic policy, and I know Dad will do us all proud. It should be a great night!
Please donate $5 now to be automatically entered for a chance to watch the debate with Team Romney-Ryan on October 16th.
Every entry will help the Republican team defeat Barack Obama and his liberal allies on November 6th.
Good luck, and thank you for your support!
Josh Romney


America is at a crossroads. We have a choice — four more years of the same hardship and decline, or a new path. That choice was abundantly clear at last night’s debate.
The American people want jobs. They want leadership they can believe in. They want our great nation to prosper again.
And they want leaders who’ll fight for them — and alongside them.

Mitt Romney and I, along with Republicans across the country, are fighting for America’s comeback. And we’re willing to fight for it — because we believe our nation is at its best when individuals are allowed to pursue their dreams.
Mitt Romney and I believe that on November 6th, Americans will rise to the occasion. America will fix what needs fixing.
Please donate $25 today to help elect Mitt, me, and the Republican team on November 6th.
Thank you,
Paul Ryan


Barack Obama and Joe Biden don’t have a record to run on, or a plan for the future.
Donate now to help us deliver a real recovery.
Mitt Romney
Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.


Given Mitt Romney’s success in last week’s presidential debate of explaining the Romney-Ryan vision for America, we can expect Joe Biden to be well prepared for tonight’s face-off.
The Obama Administration doesn’t have a record to run on. Instead of focusing on the failed policies of the past four years, we predict that Joe Biden will resort to misrepresenting and attacking Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s positions.
Tonight, Paul Ryan will present to Americans the clear choice they have about which path they want to follow for the next four years. One way offers a dynamic, pro-growth economy that fosters opportunity, whereas the other continues down the path of increased government dependency and stagnant economic growth.
This election will not be decided by a single debate, however. The American people will decide it, and they know we can’t afford four more years like the last four years.

Please donate now to show your support for Paul Ryan in tonight’s debate, and help defeat Barack Obama and Joe Biden on November 6th.

Matt Rhoades
Campaign Manager
Romney for President, Inc.



Last night, America got to see why I chose Paul Ryan as my running mate.
Our opponents don’t have a record to run on, or a plan for a real recovery. We do.
Donate now to help us deliver the comeback America deserves.
Thank you for your support,
Mitt Romney
Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.






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